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Bicycle Kick 2017 League


  • Season runs from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017
  • You score 1 goal when you submit 1 story (text, drawing or video)
  • You score 2 more goals when your story is showcased on
  • When tied, written stories prevails over drawings, and drawing prevails over video
  • The winner at the end of the season wins a very special prize!


1Noé A39United States544
2Matthew13United States220
4Jasper9United States012
5Neil A6France200
5Victor G6France200
6Clio6United States110
6François G6France110
7Lou6United States020
8Avishek G3India100
8Eddie3United States100
8Jack3United States100
8Meera L3United States100
8Leo G3France100
8Malo G3France100
9Aran L3United States010
10coco b0Australia000