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Author: Bicycle Kick

What is a Chest Trap?

A chest trap is a common move, that many players will have to execute in any given game. The player must use his or her chest to control or slow the ball while in the air. Chesting like Zidane is another story. Here, the ball comes from behind, Zidane is running full speed, and then spins quickly to control the ball with the exterior of his right foot. Simply Zidanesque...

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What is a backheel goal?

A backheel is a skilful kick usually played to trick the opponents, which typically travels in the opposite direction from which the player is facing. Francesco Nicastro, from Perugia in Italy, took this kick to whole new level of skilfulness and magic, earlier this year, by spinning into the air, and kicking with his heel the ball into the back of the net. Mesmerizing....

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What Is Bicycle Kick?

Bicycle Kick is a completely free service that invites kids to write, draw, film and share their soccer stories, and that rewards them over time for doing so.

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