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Our Mission

Bicycle Kick aims at developing kids’ reading and writing skills, as well as expanding their overall culture in various fields such as geography, history, maths and science, through their utilization of soccer-centered educational programs and their creative contributions to our web platform.

Our Services

Engaging Kids in Writing and Reading

Bicycle Kick offers a completely free web-based service that invites kids to write, draw, film and share their soccer stories, and that rewards them over time for doing so. The best stories are selected and published on the site, so that kids from all over the world can connect with each other through their favorite sport. We do not use or seek to monetize private data. How does it work? It is really simple:

  1. Choose a call for story
  2. Write, draw, or film your story according to the story you choose
  3. Submit your story and score Goals
  4. Earn enough Goals to turn them into Rewards

Learning with Soccer

Bicycle Kick also provides soccer-based educational materials on maths, science, geography and history. When kids learn about soccer, expanding their overall culture becomes exciting. If you are interested in knowing more about our soccer-based materials, please contact us !

Not for Profit Corporation

We are proud to be a nonprofit corporation, based in Massachusetts. Our purpose is to help kids develop their reading and writing abilities and expand their culture, through their love of soccer. That is how we will measure our success.

Our Story

We love soccer. We play it, watch it, talk about it. It is simple to understand, it is a way to socialize. It is the only universal sport in the world with more than 3 billion fans.

By watching our kids using the sport, its imagery, players, anecdotes, as proxy to develop their imagination, we realized that it is a formidable source of inspirations for kids of all ages and origins. We believe this source of inspiration can be used to help them develop their reading, writing and creative skills. It is also a fabulous to way to connect kids in different parts of the world, so they can learn about each other.

Our Emblem

A bicycle kick is probably the most difficult, rare, exciting move a player can execute on the pitch. We are mesmerized when we see a player complete one for a goal. The greatest players have immortalized this play. It epitomizes the inspiration that soccer can arouse. It is our emblem!

Information for Parents

Bicycle Kick also offers useful information for parents. These articles contain tips for handling situations your child may encounter on and off the soccer field, and ideas for sharing your passion for soccer with family and friends.

What Is Bicycle Kick?

Bicycle Kick is a completely free service that invites kids to write, draw, film and share their soccer stories, and that rewards them over time for doing so.

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