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A brilliant diving header in the French Clasico

After scoring the decisive goal against AC Milan a few weeks before in 1993, Basile Boli scored one of the most beautiful goals ever scored in Ligue 1, this time against PSG.

Let’s take a closer look. Boli intercepts the ball with a header. Pelé and Durand combined a couple of aerial passes to keep the ball away, until the ball comes back into Boli’s feet, who somehow, has kept moving forward. Boli hits Pelé on the left wing, and keeps going.

Pelé, in a no-look cross, finds Boli at the top of the box who glides into the air, horizontally. Boli produces a powerful diving header. The ball seems magically telecontrolled in the upper right hand corner, beating Lama – one of the best keepers at the time, provoking an eruption in the Vélodrome Stadium.

OM went on to win the French Clasico 3-1, and the title, therefore completing a memorable Champions League/Ligue 1 combination.

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